Recharters Due


Dec 8, 2023



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Membership in the Boy Scouts of America is for a period of one year, and each year we go through a process to renew the membership of not only the unit (Pack, Troop, Crew or Post) with the Chartered Organization, but also each youth member and adult leader. This process is called rechartering. All recharters and popcorn money are due no later than November 28th.

Please click on the below links to access the Internet Rechartering User Guide as well as instructional videos for assisting you with any questions you may have while processing your Charter Renewal.

Internet Recharter Instructional Material

Internet Recharter Log In

Steps to follow when processing your recharter are:

Ensure that the currently registered unit Key 3 leaders are correct in My.Scouting so they can e-approve member and charter renewals. This is essential and must be done as soon as possible since changes at this step can delay the subsequent steps.

  1. Check that all youth and adults are currently registered with the unit appear on your roster in
  1. Complete and approve the on-line Unit Recharter process. This can be found by logging into Internet Advancement 2.0 and clicking on Recharter - Internet Recharter Log In
  1. Pay the 2023 BSA Registration fees online through the Internet Recharter site. The preferred method to pay the recharter fee is via e-check or Credit Card.
  1. Applications for any new adults must be uploaded into the charter renewal as well as their Youth Protection Training Certificate and Criminal Background Check Authorization. This includes any adult who is moving from a Tiger Parent or Lion Parent into a leadership position and those who have turned 18 and are moving from a youth position to an Assistant Scoutmaster position or that is being entered as a UP, VP or EP (Unit Participant, Venturing Participant or Exploring Participant). You will need to enter any adult who is on the charter as an AP or LP and moving into a leadership position as a New Adult and upload all required documents.
  1. Applications for any new youth must be uploaded into the charter renewal.
  1. Confirm that all required information has been completed on the adult and youth applications before uploading the documents.
  1. Note: A unit’s rechartering application cannot be approved by the National Service Center until all steps are complete.

The Key 3 leaders will receive an email for a final digital approval signature. This must be completed in order to finalize the Charter Renewal.

If you have chosen to pay by E-Check, please be aware that an email will be sent to you with instructions for verifying two micro deposits. These micro deposits must be validated by you in order to complete the payment process. Your charter renewal will not complete the submittal process until the micro deposits are confirmed.

To ensure a timely process of your Charter Renewal, be sure your CURRENT key leadership (including the COR) have established their My.Scouting accounts and are ready to make approvals of new members and the charter renewal application. This message is only being sent to the unit Key 3 listed in My.Scouting If your Scouting role has changed, please forward this message to the person who now has your former role.