Camp Patten

Camp Patten encompasses 184 acres, with a portion of that bordering the Alapaha River.  There is approximately 90 acres currently used for camping and Scout related activities. 

Camp Patten is a great outdoor classroom, where the Outing in Scouting comes to life. Camp Patten is located in Lakeland, nearly in the center of our Council. Improvements are continuing at camp.

What is known today as Camp Patten began as a gift from an incredible Friend of Scouting, Mr. Lawson Leo Patten (1896-1983). Camp Patten was donated to the South Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America in 1965 to further promote the ideals and methods of the Scouting movement. The property consists of 184 acres. The original pond was built by Mr. Patten in 1936 as a fun place for family and friends.