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The cutoff date to turn in the paperwork to sit for a Board of Review for either an Eagle Project or an Eagle Rank is the last day of the preceding month.
The Chehaw District Board of Review sits on the third Sunday of each month at Camp Osborn. We have had to limit the number of Boards of Review we can scheudule on any Sunday to four (4). We will schedule Boards of Review in the order received. If we received more than four (4) for a month then those in excess of four (4) will be moved to the next month. In the event of time constraints due to a scout’s age we may schedule a special Board of Review.

  • Eagle Project Board of Review – At least two adults who will review your Eagle Scout

  • Service Project Proposal before you begin the work.

  • Eagle Rank Board of Review – At least three adults who will interview you and evaluate whether you have completed all of the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout.

  • Eagle Scout Board of Review Chair – The person in charge of the Eagle Scout board ofreview process for the Chehaw District. Currently this person is J. Michael Greene of Americus.

  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook – Official BSA form no.: 512-927.

J. Michael Greene

J. Michael Greene

Chehaw District Eagle Board Chairman