Camp Patten Service Day


Sep 18, 2021



Camp Patten
261 Burnt Church Rd
Lakeland, GA 31635
Location Phone: 229-242-2331


Grab your work gloves and tools and make plans to join us on Saturday to help prepare Camp Patten for another busy Scout year! Lunch will be provided so an accurate count is a must.

There are many things each year that need to be done to ensure that we have a safe and enjoyable place for our Scouts and families to gather and have fun. Some items are routine maintenance, others are special projects to preserve and improve our camp for generations to come.

Clean-up: Need as many utility trailers as possible, Golf cart or vehicle to pull them. Purpose to load debris on to take to pile at Oak field.

Anyone bringing chain saws must wear protective gear. Safety briefing at 0800 Sat morning at the flag pole.


Lunch will be provided, so please give us some idea of how many to plan for ahead of
time and let us know if you are camping.

We are asking for units or individuals to adopt a project.
Check back for a complete list of projects.

Project List

  1. Ensure that camp is fully mowed. Grass-cutting / Bush-hogging tractors needed.
  2. Clear Amphitheater Area of limbs, ants, weeds, and temporary screens. Need weed and ant killer. Inspect each bench and repair.
  3. Clear brush around pond, and trim banks of all growth down to the water line around dock and across dam. Need many trimmers. Remove all trees growing on dam.
  4. Thoroughly clean all restroom/shower facilities (Copeland Center, Shower House, and Pavilion). Cleaning materials needed.
  5. Trash pickup/grounds maintenance. Assorted debris around camp. Trash bags needed. Remove downed trees along fence. Many limbs down in camp due to May storms.
  6. Clean undergrowth around base of trees around camp where tractor cannot cut. Chainsaw, loppers, and trimmers needed. Especially along front of camp and under Oaks.
  7. Trim along complete fence line avoiding planted trees and bushes. Weed eaters or round up needed for this project.
  8. Continue project of plant trees along front fence
  9. Clean Windows/Remove Door Scuffs in Copeland Center
  10. Clean Blinds in Copeland Center
  11. Inspect dock and treat with water seal, repair boards that are pulling up
  12. Trim lakeside campfire ring
  13. Clean/trim around exterior of Vulcan Pavilion
  14. Clean doors of Vulcan Pavilion
  15. Inspect items in Pantry in Vulcan Pavilion/Clean Kitchen
  16. Clean upstairs bathroom/Bunkroom in Bunkhouse
  17. Open Webelos Area Campsites and along river
  18. Clean/mow/trim chapel, remove down limbs.
  19. Clean campsite latrines
  20. Clean Rifle & Shotgun Range berm of growth
  21. Clean each sign in camp
  22. Wax/buff the floor in the Copeland Center.
  23. Repair/Replace broken items on bathroom stalls in shower house.
  24. Organize maintenance barn, remove unnecessary items. Replace light bulbs.
  25. Clean/Inspect each cabin and cabin restrooms, replace shower curtains as needed.
  26. Cut back tree limbs over roads all over camp.
  27. Repair broken picnic tables (mostly braces, some seats).
  28. Paint picnic tables with brown exterior coating (match new brown signs).
  29. Split and stack firewood at maintenance shed.
  30. Clean debris from roof of picnic shelter #1 and #2
  31. Grind Stumps around camp.
  32. Build Human Foosball court