Peanut Sale

Official kick is March 22nd

Last day to sell is April 26th

Orders due to the Council on April 28th

Product Pickup and Payment due to the Council (one check to the Council minus unit commission) May 6th.

Unit commission is $3.00 per unit sold.

Once a unit hits sales of 1000 units, we will give you $3.50 in commission per additional unit sold


We have had some units desire to do store front sales.  We can accommodate that desire – here are the rules:

  • Any product ordered for store front sales belong to the unit. The unit will owe $5.00 for every unit taken

  • Same commission structure as the take order sale 

  • Order for store front product is due no later than March 15th

File Name Description
Peanut Order Form Order Form and Flyer Download