Cub Race Day


Mar 21, 2020



Camp Patten
247 East Burnt Church Road
Lakeland, GA 31635


Event Information Guide

Opening Ceremony will be conducted at the flagpole area at 8:45 am Saturday. Please form your pack in an orderly fashion.

CUBMOBILE.  Each PackNeeds:

  • 1 Cubmobile per Den or every 8 Scouts.  
  • Helmets, Elbow Pads and Knee Pads (at least one set per Cubmobile)
  • For more on Cubmobile, see the Leader How-To Book page 6-33.


  • Similar to Pinewood Derby but cars are built from legos.
  • Same rules and weight limits as pinewood cars

A detailed schedule of all activities and times will be available at the event and posted on the camp bulletin board.

Registration is $10 per Scout.  Packs should determine who will attend, the number of families camping and collect registration fees.  One person should complete the registration form below.

Individual Scouts not camping with their Pack may register and attend for the day with a parent or guardians’ supervision.  At no time may another adult accept responsibility for more than one additional “non-family member” youth.