Cub Recruiting Resources


Please review the Pack Builders Kit for guidance and tools to help bring new families to your Pack! Leads is a National website that non-scouters and scouters alike can use to find units. It’s an easy way to locate a neighborhood Pack Troop or Crew, but first the unit has to enable it and make sure their contact information is correct.

Does your unit have a BeAScout pin? If you aren’t sure, go to and put your zip code in to find out. If your unit doesn’t (or the information is out of date) click here for instructions on how to update your BeAScout Pin.

File Name Description
100 Point Adult Participation Form By volunteering for 100 points, you will help ensure that we can provide the best Cub Scout program for our children. Download pin setup Online Registration Download
Family Talent Survey We invite you to add your talents and interests so that the best possible program can be developed for your child. Download
Geofencing Download
New Member Coordinator Position Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experience so that they stay. The role of the New Member Coordinators is to ensure that both of these keys to success take place. Download
Online Registration Instructions ( The online registration system is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit, if they do not already have one in mind, or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the entire application and payment process. If there is an application or lead to be processed, the unit Key 3 will receive an email Summary Report twice a week to notify them to take action. Download
Pack Builders Kit Download
Recruiting Night Signs Directional and Tabletop Signs Download
Sheet Download